Back and Neck Pain

Neck pain-and-back-Pain

Back and Neck Pain

Two of the most common reasons why people visit a chiropractor is due to back and neck pain. More often than not, back pain occurs when there is an injury, muscle strain, or outright accident. However, there are other types of neck pain caused by structural issues like degenerative disc, spinal stenosis, and herniated disc diseases.

Depending on the cause, back pain could present as being mild or heavy, giving it the ability to greatly affect the daily activities of the individual. Also, many times, the amount of physical damage does not equate to the extent of pain suffered by the patient. A condition as little as a simple neck strain could result in extreme lower back pain, making it difficult for the patient to stand straight or walk. On the other hand, an individual with completely deteriorated discs may not experience any pain.

Neck pain could be a result of a pinched nerve, arthritis, muscle strains, or accidents. Most times, patients get relieved from them after undergoing proper rest, massages, and prescribed pain killers Nevertheless, severe forms of neck pain require more proactive treatment.

In collaboration with a team of experts, Dr. Ro finds fulfillment in ensuring his patients become free from pain and are restored to 100% fitness. Leveraging his wealth of experience, he applies his experts to relieve back and neck pain in the body through the spinal decompression technique. This technique is popularly known to provide long-lasting corrective relief for individuals suffering from bulging discs, degenerative discs, spinal stenosis, herniated discs in the neck back, and sciatica.

Dr. Ro begins treatment with an extensive x-ray of the body to identify the root cause of the pain. He then proceeds to recommend and place the patient on a plan to bring the long-term healing process. This process is designed to address the exact root cause of the problem as diagnosed from the x-ray. Dr. Ro leverages the spinal decompression technique to restore your body’s vitality and set you on the path to full recovery

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